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1984 ?DongGuang bag factory established.

1998 ?Factory has been moved to Jinjiang, Jiangsu Province to enjoy the lower labor and materials cost advantage in Northern part of China

1998 ?In need of quick sampling turn around time and inspection requirement in South China, Shenzhen office has been set up.

1999 ?Trading division has been formed to handle sundries business (include gifts and premium, packaging for cosmetics, skin care, bath sets and tools items).

2000 ?Has starting to work as service agent for Europe well-known companies, handling Asian Pacific regions purchasing, inspection, logistic and accounting activities.

In 23 years ~

As a bag manufacturer, we never forgot our belief:
- Honesty  
- Sincerity  
- Professionalism  
- Commitment

Being a trader, we are not treated ourselves middleman.  We are working as design house, product development centre, project management consultant.  We are using our expertise and experience to liaising vendors and customers gaining synergy effect for the excellence of each party.

“To accomplish great things we must first dream, then visualize, then plan... believe... act! ?-- Alfred A. Montapert

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